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History of CPRS

Center Place Restoration School was founded in 1991 by the efforts of Restoration Branches across the country. Our mission is to lead youth to a relationship Jesus Christ and equip them with the skills necessary to excel in today's ever-changing world.

The school has served grades K-12 since it opened, and started a Pre-K program in 2017 thanks to the support of many generous donors.

Today, CPRS continues to strives for excellence as we provide students with an innovative education and Kingdom-focused upbringing. We request your prayers as we seek to make the CPRS ministry beneficial to its families, truly honoring to God, and a testimony to all those around us.

The CPRS Mission

Center Place Restoration School aims to provide an education that instills a desire for Godly character, to lead children to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and to equip students with the skills necessary to excel in society and assist in the establishment of Zion.

Our Beliefs

Center Place Restoration School maintains it heritage in the original Reorganized Church and adheres to the teachings of the Bible, Book of Mormon, and Doctrine & Covenants. We consider children to be a gift and blessing from God and the future of the church. We desire to partner with parents to offer our children a quality education that will prepare them for the challenges and opportunities in their future.

We believe in:
- Instilling godly character and equipping children with the skills necessary to excel in society
- Providing a safe and nurturing environment where students can develop positive relationships with their peers
- Teaching children about God's love for them, our need for Christ's redeeming grace, and the wonderful promise of hope in the Gospel
- Upholding godly lifestyles and decisions, including maintaining the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman
- Leading students to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, a daily reliance on the Holy Spirit through prayer, and a love of God's word
- Teaching effective witnessing skills built on commonalities and a love for all people
- Instilling a servant's heart by encouraging students to participate in service opportunities in the school, church, and community at large

Faculty & Staff

Preschool Pricilla Mason
Kindergarten Mary Postlethwait
1st Grade Brenda Williams
2nd Grade Katie Mulheron
3rd Grade Marianne Mynatt
4th Grade Ashley Spence
5th Grade Catherine Bauman
Elem & HS P.E. Heidee Hakes
Elementary Art Claire Loyd
Elem Computers Misty Dunning
Elem/MS/HS P.E. Dana Lyons
Learning Skills / Speech Christina Richmond
Learning Skills Chere Smith
Title 1 Becky Stayton
Title 1 Mary Jo Stayton
MS Music Andrea Alaniz
Acct/Entrep/Pers Fin/Speech Julie Anderson
HS Science Heather Bird
HS Religion Bob Bobbitt
Home Economics Stacie Scanlan
HS Religion Dale Gilmore
HS Geometry & Physics Catherine Hamilton
HS Social Studies Megan Hartshorn
HS Art/Choir Valerie Lidberg
MS Social Studies & Religion Rachel Miller
HS English Rochelle Newell
MS English/Lit Jenna Shepherd
HS/MS Math Pamela Stuck
Elem/MS/HS P.E. Dana Lyons
Learning Skills / Speech Christina Richmond
Learning Skills Chere Smith
School Administrator Dan Schoenemann
School Principal Ronda Ohmer
Student Advisor/Counselor Elizabeth Smith
Financial Secretary Dana Edwards
School Secretary Sarah English
Office Receptionist Cherrie Nelson
Custodian Jason Eyerly
Cafeteria Manager Robin Haworth
Library/Media Specialist Amy Jo Gillam
Athletic Director Carol Kroesen
IT Department Kevin McMilian